Walsroder Kranz

Walsroder® Kranz

Special casings for your specialities

Walsroder K norm Kranz
for the manufacturing of all types of scalded and cooked sausages
Walsroder K smok Kranz
for the manufacturing of Teewurst and smooth Streichmettwurst

Walsroder Kranz for all types of scalded and cooked sausages as well as spreadable dry sausage such as Teewurst and Braunschweiger Mettwurst. The multi-layered Walsroder polymer casings K norm and K smok which have been successful over many years are produced on modern ringing machines and offer optimal various ringing forms. In our casings you will search in vain for the frequently occurring and optically annoying wrinkles that you come across in many ringed sausages. The casings come with adequate shrink capability and warrant wrinkle-free sausages. The casings are available as a complete ring in the commercially available sizes A, B, C and D.

Walsroder K norm Kranz

Walsroder K norm Kranz - the all-purpose special casing for the production of all types of scalded and cooked sausages, as well as minced meat is available to the manufacturer tied in the form of Hörnchen, half or full ring. For industrial use shirred up to a run length of 125 metres.

  • controlled shrinkage ensures tightly-stuffed, wrinkle-free sausage.
  • light protection additive in Walsroder K norm Kranz natural acts reliably against greying of liver sausage.
  • excellent gas and water vapour barrier protects effectively against reduction of weight and warrants lasting freshness.

Walsroder K smok Kranz

Walsroder K smok Kranz - the novel polymer casing, which lets the smoke Žthrough¡ and retains the freshness.

  • breathable and smoke permeable
  • outstanding smoke-treatment qualities result in a tasty smoked flavour
  • appetising appearance
  • hygienic storage
  • excellent colour transfer through defined permeability
  • no dry edges - the sausage stays easy to spread for several weeks and the casing skin-tight and wrinkle-free.