K smok

The smoke-permeable Walsroder casing

The Walsroder K smok is a smoke- and moisture-permeable, shrinkable plastic casing. It is therefore ideal for the production of smoked, spreadable raw sausages, e.g. fine or coarse teewurst. Walsroder K smok can also be used for smoked boiled and cooked sausages. Walsroder K smok matt smoked is the perfect casing for home-made smoked liver sausage.

K smok special construction guarantees a high level of meat cling, mechanical protection and high clip rigidity. With Walsroder K smok, tight, smooth, wrinkle-free products are produced that do not develop a dry edge.

Due to the reduced weight loss, the shelf life is improved in comparison to cellulose casings and grease spots on the sausage are prevented.

The increased strength means maximum safety when filling. The casing can be printed on excellently and the good sliding properties of sausages in K smok assist use in automatic packaging machines.

Home-made smoked liver sausage in K smok