K plus

The freshness vault with an exceptional barrier

Walsroder K plus is a five-layer biaxially oriented high-performance casing that is characterised by its particularly high protective capabilities.

The range of applications consists primarily of high-grade, fresh, cooked and cooked sausage varieties. Since quality is maintained even over longer storage and distribution times, the casing is ideal for the stuffing of other foodstuffs such as soup, animal feed, convenience products or vegetarian spreads.

Walsroder K plus boasts an attractive surface finish, exceptional strength, a high shrink capacity, microbiological and chemical resistance and form stability. This guarantees a high level of processing safety.

The high level of protection allows finished products to be stored for a long time, partially without cooling. Undesired losses in weight, oxidation processes and colour reactions on the part of the sausage are reduced to a minimum.

A special inner polyamide coating is designed for exceptional meat cling and counteracts fat and jelly deposition.

High levels of protective function and stability make the K plus a guarantee for perfect products.

Walsroder K plus is available in sizes 36 to 113.

K plus SKH

Walsroder K plus SKH has a particularly stable cylindricity and a highly protective structure. Therefore it is ideal for demanding products that need a high level of oxygen protection.

K plus CTH

The special thing about Walsroder K plus CTH is its controlled spiral peel property, which can also be done by hand.

K plus SRH

This casing with reduced thickness enables more meters per strand, keeping the oxygen-barrier. Therefore it is particuarly suited for oxidation-sensitive products such as vegetarian sausages types.

K plus CTR

Controlled Tear Resistant refers to this casing’s superior capacity to resist further tearing once the sausage has been sliced.

This makes it ideal for the presentation of products with diagonal slicing as well as the storage of sausages that have already been sliced.