K flex

The Walsroder K flex family

The cylindrically stable all-rounder

For decades, Walsroder’s K flex has been used successfully for all standard applications in industry and for butchers, above all when a stable cylindricity and a solid sausage are desired. As well as scalded and cooked sausages, this also means processed cheese, minced pork and onion mix and other special products.

All of the products in the K flex family are multi-layer, biaxial oriented, heat-shrinkable casings. They have a special inner polyamide layer that is designed for exceptional meat cling and counteracts fat and jelly deposition.

Walsroder K flex is temperature-resistant from -18°C to +121°C and therefore has a very wide range of applications, including sterilised product applications.

The exceptionally high shrink allows the production of particularly smooth, cylindrically stable, tight sausages. Low gas and moisture transmission rates provide an ideal aroma barrier and protect the product. The pigment colouring also provides additional light protection.

The outer surface of the K flex is ideally suited as a base for Walsroder’s long-lasting, high-quality flexographic printing including with continuous tones, special colours and colour gradients.

Walsroder K flex brings together a comprehensive range of sizes with an exceptional selection of colours while offering all the desired properties and allowing the highest levels of productivity.

Scalded sausage with olives in K flex S

Cooked ham in form in K flex FI

The main family members

K flex S – standard

The K flex S is characterised by a particularly stable cylindrical consistency. This allows it to produce tide sausages with a perfect appearance.

K flex f – form cooking

The mechanical properties of K flex F have been specially optimised for form cooking. Typical products such as cooked ham and patés can be produced wrinkle-free with the proper shape and nicely pronounced edges. A special outer coating prevents the discolouration of the casing due to process water. The K flex Fl special model also boasts particularly high meat cling.

K flex CTS – mechanical robustness

The K flex CTS has a greater wall strength and is therefore capable of being used for applications with higher levels of mechanical strain. It is also characterised by a higher level of tear stability. When cooling, wrinkle-free products can be produced using only small amounts of water.

K flex SR – reduced wall strength

The K flex SR is characterised by a thin-walled construction and is therefore particularly suited for fresh minced pork and onion mix. Due to the thin-walled construction, the K flex SR allows the shirred sticks to have longer run times. This saves time and waste.

The Walsroder K flex is available in sizes 35 to 188.