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Since more than 35 years Walsroder produces plastic casings based on Polyamide. The different product families are up to five layer biaxially coextruded casings.

The different types of Walsroder plastic casing cover the whole range of cooked and scalded sausage products.

Furthermore Walsroder plastic casings are used for the stuffing of various special products such as minced pork and onion mix, sauces, soups, soft cheese, pet food and technical commodities.

Since the introduction of smoke-permeable casings, it is now possible to produce spreadable raw sausage with Walsroder plastic casings.

Depending on production conditions and the desired end product, casings are available with various characteristics in terms of shrinkage, meat cling, material strength, resistance, UV and light protection, temperature resistance and moisture/oxygen permeability.

Walsroder plastic casings are produced using a coextrusion procedure. Our high-grade brand products are characterised by the consistently high quality of the multilayer casings.

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