Walsroder Netted Casings NeX

Walsroder netted casings

Walsroder fibrous casings NeX

The NeX casings are a new addition to the Walsroder range. These are Walsroder fibrous casings that have various types of netting attached to them using special technology.

Walsroder netting casings are split into two categories:

Walsroder NeX line
the attractive netting look for piece goods
Walsroder NeX form
the netting casing that gives shape to a sausage

Walsroder NeX line

The NeX LINE series consists of cellulose fibrous casings with a string netting fixed to the casing surface; they are predominantly used with high-quality sausages.

The netting gives the product a special value and evokes the traditional production process of raw sausage in natural casings. This gives the sausage an unmistakable element of traditional craftsmanship.

As well as the standard versions, netting forms and colours can be created individually according to our customers’ wishes.

Walsroder NeX FORM

The Walsroder NeX FORM variants consist of a fibrous casing that helps to form the sausage slices using various types of netting.

This includes the classic VARIO woven netting with its variable weave count as well as the innovative TRIO and QUADRO variants, which give sausages a triangular or quadratic shape, respectively. In this way, it is possible to form slice cross-sections individually in a fibrous casing without investing in expensive moulds – particularly useful for sliced goods.

In combination with a calibrated meat cling, the Walsroder NeX FORM is therefore the ideal casing for the production of stacked or shingle-style slices that distinguish themselves from the competition.