Bundles, Cut Lengths & Shirred Strands

Save costs with professional converting

The converting of casings serves to prepare the casings for processing.

In the past, it was standard to process casings from the roll, or to carry out the converting on the processor’s premises; today, this has been almost entirely replaced by the use of converted casings.

Bundles and cut lengths

As well as bundles in various lengths, Walsroder also provides cut pieces for various applications, either open or closed on one side. They are equipped either with a loop, or a loop and a clip, or just a clip. Furthermore, there are various loop materials and loop lengths to choose from. Cut pieces are available in individual lengths up to 180cm.

A special feature of the cut piece products is the shape sewing with fibrous casings. Typical variants include the mutton-cap form and the bottle form. Laterally sewn cut lengths are used primarily with spreadable raw sausage (pepper bags).

Cut pieces and bundles can also be supplied prestuck and drilled.

Shirred products

In the meat processing industry, the shirred strands have become the standard product for most applications. By using shirred products with modern double-clip facilities, filling speed, regularity and production efficiency can be increased significantly.

Walsroder shirred strands

Increasing efficiency with optimised strand lengths

Through the highest possible compression and a shirred strand length fitted to the stuffing horn, the processor is equipped with a shirred strand with the maximum possible casing length. This increases productivity while reducing waste and costs, since fewer strand changes are needed.

Optimised Lengths


A further increase in productivity is achieved when shirring rolls pre-packaged with a clip on one side are used. This is automatically fed through the casing brake during filling and serves as the front seal for the first sausage produced with this shirred strand.

Erster Clip bereits gesetzt

Ready-to-fill without soaking

Another advantage for the processor is provided by using products that are already converted ready to fill. These can be filled immediately without watering. This further improves productivity and product safety.

Füllfertig ohne Wässern

Big bore – preventing cupping

With Walsroder’s special big bore shirring technique, shirred strands with a particularly large internal diameter can be produced. This allows the use of larger stuffing horns. By doing this, undesired fat films on the surface of the sausage can be avoided, which reduces the process time of sausage production. The production speed can be further increased, or the pump pressure of the filling devices can be reduced.

Without the disruptive smear film, the raw sausage dries evenly; the negative cupping effect observed with pizza salami is avoided.

Big Bore