Added-Value with spices

Walsroder TeX Spice sheets, cut pieces and reels are coated with spices for simplified production of sausages with uniform coating of seasoning.

The application ranges from dry sausage and cooked sausage, cheese, pates, smoked pork and ham to fish products.

The textile spice casings consist of a water vapor and smoke-permeable non-woven fabric that is coated with high-quality spice mixtures, like coarse pepper, Mediterranean herbs, pastrami or peppers.

In the production process the sausage meat is filled directly into the spice casing while simultaneously being coated with spices. Alternatively moldet products like pate can be personalized with spice sheets inserted evenly in the mold.

The use of TeX Spice enables flexible production of sausages with different spice coatings from a base mix.

The separate procurement of spices for coating are not required as the casings are already equipped exactly and evenly as needed. Traditionally gelatin is used as a glue for spices. The new and optimized adhesive offers substantial advantages when cutting and slicing the spiced products.

TeX Spice Sheets

Square or rectangular sheets are available in sizes from 15 cm to 70 cm.

TeX Spice Cut Pieces

Walsroder TeX Spice cut pieces are sewn and closed on one side. They are available in diameters from ø 45 to ø 160 mm and in lengths of 35 to 110 cm. The cut pieces are also available with integrated area free of spice for better clipping.

TeX Spice Reels

TeX Spice reels are available in lengths of 5 m to 30 m. The reel width of 30 to 50 cm depends on the length of the spiced reel.