Walsroder CLS

Walsroder CLS - Coated Liquid Smoke

You don’t even need the smoke

Walsroder CLS is a fibrous casing with internal smoke coating. During cooking, smoke aroma and smoke colour are transferred to the product.

The use of these new functional casings from Walsroder allows the production of smoked scalded sausage, cooked ham production and smoked cheese without actually going through the smoking process. Walsroder CLS is supplied ready to be filled.

By replacing the traditional smoking process, no stock of wood chips is necessary. There is no compromise on the environment due to waste gasses from the smoking process; the disposal of the remains, ash or waste water is also removed. The time-consuming, expensive cleaning of the smoking chamber is unnecessary, too. No undesired residue from the smoke remains on the sausage. The uniform transfer of smoke colour to the product guarantees that slices will have an attractive appearance when sliced.

Smoking without weight loss

Walsroder FVP CLS, the fibrous casing with external barrier coating offers a particular advantage: the weight loss during and after the classical smoking process disappears.

With Walsdroder’s CLS functional casing, the processor saves time, money and energy. That’s economical and innovative!