Walsroder CC

Walsroder CC - Coated Colour

Bringing colour to the range

The Walsroder CC functional casing comes with an inner colour coating that is based predominantly on sugar. This allows the desired colours to be transferred to the sausage surface easily during the production process.

The casing is ideal for the production of cooked ham, ham products and scalded sausage.

Using Walsroder CC guarantees a reliable colour transfer onto the exterior of the product. Depending on the desired product, the appropriate colour nuances can be ordered. The classical colours from Light to Black Caramel are particularly popular.

The Walsroder CC, only available ready-to-fill, is not soaked. The time-consuming browning, grilling and frying processes are not necessary.

Using Walsroder FVP CC brings the additonal advantage that production can be achieved without weight loss.

Fewer production steps lead to higher levels of hygiene and product safety at lower levels of energy consumption. Process times are greatly reduced and the effect is a significant reduction to overall production costs.

The Walsroder CC is available in sizes 40 to 170 as fibrous casing FRO without barrier coating or as FVP with barrier.

Sliced turkey breast on sandwich
produced in Walsroder CC

Bacon on a Hamburger