Walsroder BFU

Walsroder BFU – biofungistatic

Fibrous casing with mould-inhibitor

The Walsroder BFU is a fibrous casing that is equipped with a biofungistatic treatment on its exterior, which suppresses undesired mould growth on dry sausage.

Its mould-inhibiting effect is based on naturally occurring processes that protect living cells. This new application of well-known natural substances is absolutely safe in terms of food law.

By using Walsroder BFU, disinfection and conservation agents such as potassium sorbate and natamycin can be partially or completely avoided. The standard mechanical cleaning of the sausage that is usually part of the drying process can also largely be avoided. This generates huge savings in terms of work and additional costs.

Since the active components of the biofungistatic treatment could in principle also be used as additional ingredients in food, the Walsroder BFU does not need to be declared.

The Walsroder BFU is available as a special version of all other types of Walsroder fibrous casing and is always supplied ready-to-fill.