Sustainably successful

Walsroder’s success story began all the way back in 1927 with the first artificial cellulose-based sausage casing. The highly successful Walsroder fibrous casing, a viscose-coated fibrous fleece, has been in production since 1956. These casings – made from the renewable raw materials cellulose and abacà (Manila hemp) – are constantly being updated in line with modern applications and processing techniques in the sausage industry.

Walsroder fibrous casings fulfill all the requirements imposed on the manufacture of dry and semi-dry sausage, scalded and smoked cooked sausage as well as for dry cured and cooked cured meat products.

Graduated levels of impregnation provide the individual product lines with the desired meat cling properties. High size consistency and good machinability along with the high mechanical strength, optimal curing properties and a natural appearance speak for themselves.

Walsroder fibrous casings are physiologically harmless in terms of food law, satisfy all legal requirements and compost naturally!

Five classic applications

The raw sausage classic with great appearance. Since Walsroder fibrous casings are permeable to smoke and water, they guarantee a quick reduction of the aw value, producing a pleasant smoky flavour.
Walsroder fibrous casings offer customised meat cling for different drying process. The casings offer the necessary size consistency for the production of pizza salami, even at high production speeds. Good machine peelability without being left to stand beforehand.
Semi-dry sausages
Walsroder fibrous casings are the optimal casings for the production of smoked scalded sausage. Controlled drying and the high smoke permeability prevent the formation of a dry edge and guarantee a lovely smoky flavour.
Raw and cooked cured products
With their calibrated impregnations, Walsroder fibrous casings guarantee easy and residue-free peeling without the meat breaking off, even with raw and cooked cured products.


Semi-dry sausages

Cured products

Fresh cured products


Dry sausage
Cervelat sausage
Cotechino (spiced pork sausage)
Dry sausage (stacked slices)
Pizza salami
Scalded sausage
Beer ham sausages
Scalded sausage (stacked slices)
Boiled Polish sausage
Tirol sausage
Cooked salami
Cooked sausage
Liver sausage
Cooked onion sausage
Blood sausage
Tongue sausage
Black pudding
Spreadable fresh
Raw sausage
Minced pork and onion mix
Spreadable minced pork and onion mix
Brunswick sausage
Pepper bags
Coarse minced pork and onion mix
Fresh cured products
Rolled ham fillet
Smoked salmon meat
Cured ham
Smoked beef
Goose breast
Coppa (pork neck salami)
Semi-dry sausages
Polish sausage
Smoked ham sausage
Mountaineer salami
Cured products
Cooked turkey
Cooked spiced ham
Roast pork
Beef roasts
Marinated beef roasts
Turkey and chicken breast
Canadian Bacon
Other food products
Vegetarian products in sausage form