The fibrous casing with a defined barrier layer

The Walsroder FXA is an exterior-lacquered fibrous casing that allows the production of smoked cooked sausages with reduced loss of weight due to a defined moisture and smoke permeability.

This casing, in combination with a structured print image, is an ideal alternative to textile casings, particularly in the production of liver sausage.

High productivity

Due to the thin wall thickness in comparison to textile casings, the Walsroder FXA enables higher shirred stick run lengths and the use of smaller clips.

A clean cut

The Walsroder FXA demonstrates excellent cutting properties without any threads getting pulled into the sausage. Due to the lack of shrinkage, the sausage is not squeezed out where a cut has been made.

Attractive linen structure

For the Walsroder FXA, the well-known linen structure was recreated; it is available in three colours: classico (light-brown-yellow), antico (medium brown-yellow) and rustika (yellow-brown-orange).

clasico antico rustica