F plus

The fibrous casing with inner barrier layer

Walsroder F plus is equipped with a special barrier that is nearly impermeable to oxygen and moisture. The casing combines the advantages of fibrous casing – such as a silk-matt surface finish and exceptional shrinkage – with those of a plastic casing – exceptional barrier layer and good meat cling. The excellent properties such as good grip and easy machinability make the casing equally attractive for small trade and industry. Preservable cooked and scalded sausages can be made without smoking.

Protection for your sausage

With the Walsroder F plus, the colour and quality of scalded and cooked sausages are maintained reliably. It is highly impermeable for moisture, oxygen and aroma, as well as being greaseproof. In this way, discolouration of the sausage and loss of weight are avoided. Walsroder F plus can be tied or closed with a clip. A Walsroder F plus sealed with a clip is treated by the German meat regulations as an airtight sealed container.

The freshness counter

The Walsroder F plus is characterised by an unmatchable combination of natural-matt surface finish and a high barrier layer, independent of the surrounding humidity. Sausages in Walsroder F plus always remain fresh on the inside and free from grease and mould on the outside. The sausages can be properly stored for weeks without a loss in quality.

Tasty sausages without smoking

Walsroder F plus has an effective barrier lacquer on its inner side. This means that cooked and scalded sausages can be made that both look attractive and taste good. Sausages in Walsroder F plus do not get smoked.

Beer sausage in Walsroder F plus

Liver sausage in Walsroder F plus

Seamless production

Clear advantages for industry and small-trade: The Walsroder F plus’s high mechanical strength and work-friendly suppleness guarantee simple processing. Walsroder F plus runs without a hitch at high run speeds on modern automatic filling and clipping machines. Its matt rough surface also allows filling by hand, making it the ideal casing for the artisanal sausage-maker.

Just your size

The Walsroder F plus can be filled precisely to the recommended size. Consistent and true-to-size – two mandatory preconditions for the production of sliced goods and portion sausages for the self-service counter.

A casing that goes with the sausage

The Walsroder F plus’s excellent shrinkage guarantees the production of excellently filled, solid sausages with good meat cling. Fat and jelly separation are suppressed effectively.