The fibrous casing with a barrier layer

With the introduction of the Walsroder F plus in 1963, it became possible to produce a scalded sausage that could be kept for a longer period without being smoked.

The revolutionary idea was to give the fibrous casing a lacquer that took on the function of an oxygen and moisture barrier.

Even if these days plastic casings also have many of its properties, the lacquered fibrous casing remains an important part of small-trade and industrial sausage production.

High-grade scalded and cooked sausage specialities benefit from the fine appearance of the fibrous casing, even in the field of catered products and deli-counter products.

The F plus is characterised by its parti-cularly natural, fine, wrinkle-free surface. Consumers and specialised shop assistants value its perfect cutting and peeling properties.

However, the Walsroder FVP remains unbeatable in terms of cleanly cut liver sausage or filling that is squeezed out.